When fall rolls in, so do the pumpkin recipes and requests. However, if your business is focused on providing pumpkin-flavored treats this year, you may have some difficulty. The Great Pumpkin Shortage of 2015 as it has been termed in the industry is going to impact restaurants, caterers and even non-profits just as much as the average consumer.

How Bad is the Shortage?

According to recent polls of crop experts, there may not be enough pumpkins to go around this holiday season. Some farms have reported significant declines in their crop yields; some only averaging a third of what they are used to. Companies that offer canned pumpkin products are also experiencing a shortage and once they ship the remainder of their harvest, they will not have any more pumpkin canned products to release to consumers until 2016.

What Does this Mean for Restaurants?

If your facility uses seasonal menu items, now is the time to stock up on fresh pumpkins and canned pumpkin products before the Thanksgiving rush. While there may still be enough pumpkin puree to go around, experts are recommending that if you see it available from a supplier, you should purchase it now.

Some favorite pumpkin recipes that may be hurt the most this season include:

  • Pumpkin pies
  • Pumpkin spice lattes
  • Pumpkin breads and cookies
  • Pumpkin rolls

Bakeries and restaurants are already preparing for the shortage by stocking up, and you might want to as well. Jordan Banana Company does have pumpkins and puree in stock, but we do not know how long that stock will last with the holiday rush. To stock up on your pumpkin needs, call us at 412-469-1007 or shop online for fresh produce.